Arc, 2014
C-print, painted frame
35.3 × 25.3 × 3 cm

Capturing a encounter between a
door and snow on a winter morning.

Lag 1, 2014
framed C-print, wood, metal
103 × 99.6 × 19.2 cm

Lag 3, 2014
framed C-print, wood, metal
103 × 99.6 × 19.2 cm

Southward (06:38:53), 2013
wall drawing with pen
dimensions variable

installation view at RM, Auckland

Raising a Gap, 2005–2012
C-print, painted frame

Capturing a strawberry within a plastic capsule, which
I had placed on the blossoming flower.It grew until
there was no longer any space insidethe capsule.

Land, 2007
scanned photocopy and Lambda print, Dutch navy
trainers whichartist wore for 1000 days, paint
image size 177.5 (artist’s life size) ×123×3.4cm

Multimodernism, 2011
C-print, painted frame

Showing a traditional Japanese table,
which appears to be floating as if
by magic, supported by rope.

The End of an Object, 2012
C-print, painted frame

Showing three Coke bottles precariously
placed at the end of a table, the remaining
liquid in the bottles swaying at various angles.

Compass (Los Angels), 2007–2012
C-print, painted frame

It captures an image of a circle on the ground,
which I had drawn with my urine
at Shinjuku, Tokyo and Los Angels.

Compass (Shinjuku), 2007–2012
C-print, painted frame

Palilalia, 2013
light fittings, nocturnal flying
insects, chains, paint

Counting the Event, 2012
framed C-type prints, resin, insects
dimensions variable

installation view at AOYAMA|MEGURO, Tokyo

Points of My Arm, 2005–2012
C-print, painted frame

Showing a geometric shape drawn by lines
connecting 5 spots of my arm, which a friend
had drawn using an architectural pen.

Diffused Reflection of Reading, 2008
mirror, resin
dimensions variable

Couple, 2004–2011
C-print, painted frame

Benjamin Half a World Away, 2004



Born in 1978, received a BA in Architecture and an MFA in Inter Media Arts from Tokyo University of the Arts.
Subsequent to that he completed the Associate Research programme in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London.
He currently works in Tokyo and London.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2016 "Solo Show", YKG, Tokyo (Forthcoming)
2016 "Solo Show", Daikokuya, Tochigi (Forthcoming)
2015 "Solo Show", CHIKA ECODA, Tokyo
2014 "Lag", Aoyama|Meguro, Tokyo
2014 "Southward", NADiff, Tokyo
2014 "Lag", Liste 19, Basel
2012 "Counting The Event", Aoyama|Meguro, Tokyo
2007 "Once Night Falls", Diesel Gallery, Tokyo, curated by Hiromi Kitazawa (Nanjo and Associates)
2007 "Nighthopper", Mizuma Action, Tokyo
2004 "Private Journal", Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016 "Group Show", Rodriguez Gallery, Poznan (Forthcoming)
2016 "Imprisoned, Jailbreak", Capsule, Tokyo (Forthcoming)
2015 "Sequences", Hagiso, Tokyo
2015 "Wunderkammer", Art Stays, Ptuj
2014 "The Beach That Never Was", ICAS, Singapore
2014 "Duality of Existence", Friedman Benda, New York
2014 "Academy Now", Art Defender, Bologna
2013 "Personal Structures", collateral exhibition of the 55th Venice Biennale, Palazzo Bembo, Venice
2013 "Identity", Nichido Contemporary Art, Tokyo, curated by Reiko Tsubaki (Mori Art Museum)
2013 "Third Life", Hagiso, Tokyo
2013 "Tacit Material", RM Gallery and Projects, Auckland
2013 "Academy Now", Maple Street, London
2012 "Cosmos as a Metaphor", Taka Ishii Gallery/Anteroom, Kyoto
2011 "The Face of The Shape", La Scatola Gallery, London
2011 "Art and Product", Ai Kowada Gallery, Tokyo
2011 "Villa Tokyo", Kyobashi 2 Chome Area, Tokyo, organized by Raster Gallery, Warsaw
2011 "Goldsmiths Show", Goldsmiths College, London
2010 "Still in LLove", Daikanyama i studio, Tokyo
2008 "Drop Box", ZAIM, Yokohama
2008 "Off the Rail", Mizuma and One Gallery, Beijing
2007 "Keren", Museum of Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo
2005 "Nishiogi Biennale", Makoto Aida's house, Tokyo, curated by Makoto Aida
2005 "10th Anniversary Exhibition", Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo
2005 "Project the Projectors", Former Sakamoto Elementry School, Tokyo
2003 "Graduation Show", Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo

Collections and Commissions

2015 Centre Pompidou, Paris
2013 D&D London and Conran+Partners, Istanbul
2003 Museum of Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo


2002 "GEISAI-2", Winner, selected by Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara and Noi Sawaragi